One summer night in Laguna Beach, California, I captured an astounding picture of lightning over the ocean. The story of how this came about is itself so remarkable that I am preparing a book memorializing the occasion. Deliverance Night is scheduled for publication in 2009. This image is real and authentic, not a sandwich or composite. It is unmodified, and all the colors are true to the original scene. The negative, which survived a fire unscathed (see next page), has since been scanned and preserved as a fine digital file. “Deliverance” is available as a photographic print only as a limited edition. The total edition is 250, all sizes inclusive, of which 105 were sold in the period shortly after the image was captured. Now, some twenty years later, I am resuming the edition, with numbers 110 to 150 currently available, plus eight artist’s proofs, in either 16”x24” or 20”x30” image size. The prints are now produced on high-grade inkjet equipment using premium paper and archival inks, with results even superior to the earlier photographic prints.
A second special edition is also now available, entitled ”Deliverance Night”. It is a diptych, two related photos in one frame: a smaller-sized “Del
iverance” coupled with a pyrometagraph entitled “Laguna Nightscape.” What makes this latter image significant in this context is that is was originally captured on the same night, from nearly the same spot, as “Deliverance”. It completes a panorama of sorts, which, despite different films and lenses, sweeps together the beach scene with its adjacent cityscape. One can even note shared elements where the two images come together. The diptych thus represents the combining of two remarkable events into one frame. The print-size of each these two images is 12”x18”. This is also an edition of 250, plus eight remaining artist’s proofs. You may see a larger version of “Laguna Nightscape” here. For information on purchasing either one of these limited editions, or any other of my photography, visit Buy Photos.
Photograph © 1987 Larry S. Rhodes. All rights reserved.
“Deliverance”, a limited edition photograph
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