Thank-you for visiting my website, l s rhodes dot com. As you can see, it is devoted at present mostly to photography, one of my great passions. Of course, fine art photographic prints of all images are available for sale; I produce all the work myself. I am essentially a straight photographer, that is, no gimmicks or special digital effects, just sweet, solid images. Take a look below, however, and you will see a couple amazing photos. The first, “Deliverance”, is just such a straight photograph, true and unretouched,  yet so remarkable that it’s in a class by itself; the second, “Hotel Laguna”, is a pyrometagraph, which clearly is not an unaltered image. I call your attention to these two photos in particular, apart from the remainder of my work, because a wonderful story surrounds their creation. I intend to tell that story, in a novella entitled Deliverance Night, for it adds depth and dimension to something already extraordinary. For now, however, I will let my photography speak for itself.
To that end, I have designed this website to present a decent volume of images in a straightforward manner. I suggest you first visit the QUICK GUIDE, which tells you how this site is organized; the Gallery Guide tells a bit about the various photo galleries. There are also direct links to the galleries in the menu provided below. Please take your time, and enjoy my work. Finally, please also take time to visit my companion website, devoted to another of my passions and professional concerns, Koei-Kan Karate-Do of San Luis Obispo.
“Deliverance”, a limited edition photograph. After nearly twenty years, I am resuming sale of this limited edition, once-in-a-lifetime image. Read more ...
“Hotel Laguna”, a “Pyrometagraph”™. What are pyrometagraphs?  Why do they constitute a collection unique in the world, something you’ve never seen? Read more ...
all photography © 2007 Larry S. Rhodes. All rights reserved.
All text and photography © 2007 Larry S. Rhodes. No images contained on this website may be copied, reproduced, or published without prior consent.
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