The pyrometagraphs represented here are my own scans, fully corrected and print-ready. They are very true to the original slides. So you can see the level of detail, I have also included enlarged detail sections of three images. You may note that the slide image-frame, or sometimes, slide-mount edge, are visible on the scan. These are to show that the entire image is included, but will not be part of the finished print. The first scene, “Laguna Nightscape” is also featured as part of a diptych coupled with “Deliverance”. Included also are other beach scenes, nature abstracts, and a few florals. Finally, the last two shots are not pyrometagraphs, but are rather fire aftermath shots: one of where I used to live (note the treasure-filled fire-safe -- at the time not-yet opened -- on the driveway); the other is part of my Nikon camera outfit.
Pyro-Laguna Nightscape
Pyro-Hotel Laguna
Pyro-Hotel Laguna, 4x detail
Pyro-Great Pyramid Of Laguna
Pyro-Laguna Cityscape
Pyro-Laguna Cityscape, 4x detail
Pyro-Non-Spectator Sport
Pyro-Laguna Sun Sheen
Pyro-Laguna Sun Sheen, 4x detail
Pyro-Edge Of Eternity
Pyro-Fishermen In Fog
Pyro-Sky In Sand
Pyro-Pismo Sandstone
Pyro-Dead Weed
Pyro-Cherry Blossom Sunset
Pyro-Foxtails And Lichen
Pyro-Eucalyptus Bark
Pyro-Poison Oak
Fire aftermath
Nikon F, after fire
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